The universal plot

Originally written: early-2022

The following poem was inspired by this classic Qualia Computing post: ‘The Universal Plot: Part I – Consciousness vs. Pure Replicators’. Enjoy!

From nothingness a flame alit,
a kindled beacon, burning bright.
The replicators bit by bit,
cast light upon the shapeless night.

With strange eons this flame spread,
information reified.
As selection reared its head,
the myth of bambi was belied.

Complex systems model self,
carving nature at its seams.
Identity is only felt,
through prescience in waking dreams.

The universal plot is war,
dormant forces annex minds.
Realise value at its core,
is consciousness in space and time.

To meditate on Moloch’s might,
to peek behind the veil of Rawls.
Understand that true insight
is all is one and one is all.

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