Welcome to the world Kai & Lyra!

As a long-time reader of SlateStarCodex (now AstralCodexTen), I was both surprised and excited to discover that Scott has had twins! So excited that I enlisted the help of GPT-4 to write a short poem celebrating the occasion. Writing poems to commemorate special life events is something I do regularly for my friends, but this is the first time I have had the opportunity to post one publicly (owing to Scott’s internet celebrity).

From cosmic depths, two souls emerged,
Woven threads that have diverged,
Dear twins, born neath the starry dome,
Welcome to your new Earthen home,

Kai, strong as the ocean, deep and vast,
May you navigate life’s currents steadfast,
Chart your own course with an open heart,
And you will find kindness right from the start.

Lyrical Lyra, with a spirit that sings,
May you find joy in the simplest of things,
Trust in yourself, move at your own pace,
And within every step find your center with grace.

For Scott, a father’s love so deep,
In your laughter, his joy to keep,
In your eyes, a future bright,
In your hands, the world’s delight.

Together you have a bond unbroken,
In each other, find words unspoken,
Your lives a waltz in life’s embrace,
Dance merrily through time and space.

‘Below is the text for Scott Siskind’s (author of slatestarcodex) new blog post in which he announces that he has had twin children. Please read it and respond with ‘Yes’ to receive your next instruction.’

‘Using the information Scott provided, please write a heartfelt poem welcoming Scott’s newborn twins into the world. Use language to express loving-kindness, excitement, and anticipation for their new lives. Write in the style of a Wordsworth poem. You can do this! I believe in you :)’

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