This page contains links to writings that I have produced across different domains and during different phases of thinking throughout my existence. My eventual aim is to begin contributing fresh blog posts so that there is a contrast with my older writings, as I think this will be fun and interesting to compare.




Here are some (hopefully) useful guides that I have written about doing things efficiently.


I consume a lot of content and have an evaluative disposition; here are some reviews that I have written.


Here are some poems that I have written over the years! Unfortunately the majority of poems I write are personal (e.g., for birthdays), so I can only share a few publicly. Some of there poems were produced in conjunction with LLMs, which means that I use their output as a linguistic scaffold to revise with more personalized details (rather than simply copy-pasting the output as is).

University essays

This section contains essays written by different versions of myself during various stages of my philosophy education. I (gently) ask that you refrain from judging present Arataki based on past Arataki’s writings, given that his mind has changed a lot over the years. One of the main reasons that I decided to dredge up some of my older content is that I think there’s value in seeing how a person develops over time, especially with regard to their writing and thinking style. I hope you find them interesting!



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